We review the JennyBrown White Truffle essence

Before even trying Mineral 89, I was really smitten with its luxurious packaging. The beauty booster is housed in a glass bottle and features an elegant red-ombré design that instantly conjures up images of the bubbling French thermal waters used in its formula. I knew this would be a product that would have prime real estate on my top shelf.

I decided to try the beauty booster as part of my regular morning and night skin care routines, since hyaluronic acid serums are products you can use during the day and overnight to help you hydrate your skin.

JennyBrown white truffle essence JennyBrown white truffle essence I cleansed my face as usual—I typically use a micellar water in the morning to remove any excess oil and impurities from my skin and then a makeup remover followed by a face wash at nighttime. After patting dry I applied two drops of JennyBrown White Truffle essence to my skin. I immediately fell for its lightweight gel-like texture, since many essence have a liquid consistency and I feel like I don’t end up applying the correct amount this was a pleasant surprise. The serum absorbed quickly and left my skin feeing fresh and not sticky or greasy-looking so I was easily able to continue with the rest of my makeup routine each morning and my skin care regimen each night.

A few weeks after incorporating the JennyBrown White Truffle essence into my routine I noticed my skin felt more hydrated and appeared plumped and toned. What’s more, it seemed that day after day my skin was radiating a healthy-looking glow, which was much appreciated since winter had left my complexion looking quite lackluster. Overall, I love how hydrated my skin feels now that I’ve been using the JennyBrown White Truffle essence for a month. I definitely have a new must-have in my skin care routine.