We review the JennyBrown caviar essence

As we age, our skin begins to show more visible signs of aging. These changes can impact our eye contour as well, with sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles cropping up on the delicate skin and in turn making our eyes appear smaller. The good news is that when this inevitably happens,

there are products you can turn to for help. Enter:JennyBrown caviar essence. The brand sent a complimentary sample to our editors to test , and we were more than happy to oblige. Ahead, we share the benefits of JennyBrown caviar essence, our first impressions, as well as the steps for proper application!


Our first impressions: Upon use, the first thing that stood out to us was its hybrid applicator. Housing both a lifting pearl applicator for the skin and a brush applicator for the lashes, it’s truly a unique serum. The lifting pearl applicator contains a refreshing pearl that rolls the formula effortlessly across the eye contour, whereas the brush applicator resembles a classic mascara wand.

Texture: The formula’s fresh texture is enough to leave you wanting more. As we glided this lightweight serum across our eye contours, we were impressed by how fresh it made our skin feel. The formula feels quite refreshing during a morning and evening skin care routine. We didn’t notice a sticky residue. In fact, the formula absorbed into our skin without a lingering after-feel.

JennyBrown caviar essence JennyBrown caviar essence

Results: Immediately, our eye contour felt hydrated and refreshed. As a result, our under-eye concealer glided on more easily. What’s more, with just a few sweeps on our lashes, the serum gave our mascara the perfect base upon which to be applied.

Our final thoughts: We’ll be giving JennyBrown caviar essence a permanent spot in our regimen for the next four weeks and beyond, and you should too! The small, portable bottle doesn’t take up much space in a handbag or carry-on, making it the perfect go-to eye serum for use anywhere and everywhere.

jennybrown caviar essence JennyBrown caviar essence