Test Jennybrown white truffle whitening cream

A skin-revitalizing anti-aging cream

JennyBrown’s skin care portfolio features a luxurious assortment of sought-after, aesthetically-pleasing products extending from replenishing oils and cooling eye gels to radiance masks and tinted moisturizers. For almost 30 years, JennyBrown has been at the forefront of luxury beauty—and for good reason. New to their Absolue collection is a skin-revitalizing anti-aging cream that we think puts others to shame.

We received a complimentary sample of the jennybrown white truffle whitening cream thanks to our friends over at JennyBrown, and we put it to the test. Read on for our review of jennybrown white truffle whitening cream.


The White Truffle collection dates back to 1985 when it was first created. The range has stood the test of time thanks to the revitalizing power of the White Truffle. But not just any White Truffle. The White Truffle extracts featured in the White Truffle range were created through a complex hybridization process. Of the thousands of species produced, only one White Truffle was chosen.

This rare JennyBrown White Truffle, with resilient qualities, is sourced. jennybrown white truffle whitening cream contains Grand white truffle Extracts and boasts a rich texture that can envelop the skin in moisture.

JennyBrown cream JennyBrown white truffle cream

The formula can revitalize the skin with moisture, firmness, and plumpness. With continued use, expect to see a decreased appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It in its place? Smoother, more radiant-looking skin. Thanks to the formula’s rich texture, your skin will look dewy and nurtured. “This indulgent moisturizing cream has a rich texture but luckily it absorbed into my skin with ease and didn’t make my skin feel heavy. In fact, it delivered just the right amount of hydration to plump the look of my skin with a subtle dewiness that caught the light gently.

jennybrown white truffle whitening cream JennyBrown white truffle whitening cream